Murphy’s Oil Soap can do so many things, it is more than just a soap to clean floors.


I try to make use of everything I have in my house and use them for more than one task to see if they work.


So here are a few ways I found very useful and even save me some money from buying other products to do the cleaning.

Cleaning Your Cabinets


You can use dawn dish soap and clean your Kitchen cabinets, but this will only clean them and not restore the beauty of them, especially if it’s a natural wood cabinet.


The bottle has instructions on it but I did some testing and find what works best for my cabinets.


I mix 1l4 cup of Murphy’s oil soap with one gallon of warm water and use a sponge and clean the cabinets down. Afterward, you can use a cloth and polish them down and check for any streaks.

Leather itself has to be treated every few months to have them look new again.


Murphy’s oil soap works perfectly in this situation, just like how leather milk works on leather.



Clean Your Banisters


Most people forget about there banisters when there cleaning there house and over time this will cause them to have a dull look to them.



You may think that they need to be replaced but no, all they need is a little cleaning with Murphy’s oil soap.


You mix it with water and wash it down then give it a little polish and your good.

Antique Furniture


You may have some at your home that looks old and needs to be thrown away but you can actually sell it to someone who collects them or just like them.


You can also use Murphy’s oil soap to do this and you will be surprised at how well it looks, you may even want to keep it.

Wash Your Car Rims Off


This soap is amazing with removing dirt and grease and your car has on the most dirt, brake dust that makes your car rims look horrible.


You can spend hours washing your rims and they won’t come out look ok like the way you imagined.


Get a container and add enough water and add 1 cup of oil soap to it. Use a sponge to wash the rims off with the oil soap.


You can give each rim a pre-wash and by the time you reach the next rim, the dirt and oils will be easy to remove.

Wipe Down Your Car Interior 


 Water alone can’t clean your car interior, it needs something to remove dust from the dashboard and other places that your hand may come in contact with.


If its leather the area will look the darkest. That’s because leather absorbs oil, its a natural material so it will need to be clean.


They sell products out there to clean them like leather conditioner and leather milk.


If you have Murphy’s oil soap at home you can use this to clean the leather in your house and your car as well.



Make An All-purpose Cleaner 


Mixing Murphy’s oil soap with water in a spray bottle makes one of the best all-purpose cleaners.


You can add rubbing alcohol to the mixture as well to prevent streaks and avoid using a microfiber cloth to get out the streaks after they are done.


Clean Stainless Steel



You can also wipe down the stainless steel furniture in your house with this soap as well. It will give them a nice little sheen afterward, because of the oil content.


To make them look even better use a microfiber cloth to shine the appliances off and have that mirror look for days to come.

Clean Your Door And Hinges 


You can mix some Murphy’s oil soap with some water and wash off your doors on the outside.



Dirt and all different types of stuff will be on them. You might be saying the screen door protects it, and it does but things do get by it.


You can also wash that off as well and if the door was squeaky the soap will stop that too.


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