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Hydrogen Peroxide For Cleaning & Household Uses

How do you use the Hydrogen Peroxide you have? It’s a non- toxic multi-purpose item you should always have in your house. It is good for using in the kitchen, garden, household cleaning, and also for your first aid kit.



People may not know this or why hydrogen Peroxide is always in brown or a black bottle. Its because if it’s exposed to too much sunlight, it gets less effective each day. My advice is keeping it in your cabinets far from the kids and sunlight. Do not place it along with other food bottles; you may get confused one day.



There are many types of hydrogen peroxide to choose from. The most common one is the one we use in our first aid kits but, there is the food grade hydrogen peroxide that can be used for kitchen purposes.



The regular hydrogen peroxide in the brown bottle that you buy at the local grocery store is the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. This one is safe to use in your household, as it is highly diluted and won’t be harmful.



For cleaning and killing germs, you might want to use Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide. Chemists have combined hydrogen peroxide with additional synergistic chemicals to make this type of hydrogen peroxide a formula that will eliminate germs.






It’s always best to use a non- toxic cleaning agent for cleaning your countertops. Hydrogen peroxide will do a great job of cleaning your countertops. But do use the food grade hydrogen peroxide when cleaning kitchen surfaces, tables, and counters.



Dish Drainer



The food-grade hydrogen peroxide makes a good cleaner for your dish drainer. Since you put food into the items that are kept in the dish drainer, it is best to use food grade hydrogen peroxide to avoid any toxicity.



Wash Food



In need of some produce wash? Use the food grade hydrogen peroxide to wash your produce before cooking them. Sanitize them first with hydrogen peroxide, then rinse them with water.



Window Cleaner



You can use hydrogen peroxide to clean your windows too. For window cleaning, you can either use the regular 3% hydrogen peroxide or the accelerated formula. Hydrogen peroxide will give you clean, streak-free windows.


Just make sure to finish cleaning up your windows before the hydrogen peroxide dries. That is how you will avoid those annoying streaks.



Remove Stains


Hydrogen peroxide will come in handy in the laundry room too. You can use it to remove stubborn stains, soak your whites to make them whiter, and sanitize your washer. Even removing dried paint on areas that it should be.



So always make sure to stock up on hydrogen peroxide. Having the different types is a plus, as you can use them according to how they were made to be used.


Unclog your Bathroom Drain


Over time your bathroom drain will get clogged with all the grease that’s coming off our body. Before you call the plumber and spend some extra bucks.


You can try pouring some hot water down the drain, then pour a cup of hydrogen peroxide after and leave it overnight. The hydrogen peroxide will break down the grease.



Clean Your Toothbrushes



The most frequently used thing in our bathroom is your toothbrush. Most of us feel that just washing it with water will get rid of any bacteria that may be on it, but that won’t help. You can simply pour some hydrogen Peroxide on it our leave it in it for a period of time.



Clean Grout


Your bathroom grout will be the dirtiest, so you will need an easy method to clean it. First, you need to wipe tiles off.


It will be easier if you spray the hydrogen peroxide on the joints so it can spread evenly. Leave it for an hour and use a toothbrush to clean afterward.



Clean Your Sink


If stains and grease are hard to remove from the kitchen sink. Just get a sponge and give the sink a wipe with some hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for a bit.


After that, just go and wipe it and see how easy it comes off. If it doesn’t come off with the first try, just repeat the process.



Save your plants from dying


If you see your plants in your garden or anywhere dying, it may be because of bacteria, excessive watering, and more causing root rot.


This can kill your plants quickly, and all your hard work of growing them will be gone. What can save them from the bacteria is hydrogen peroxide; it kills them and also helps to restore the plant oxygen level in the soil.


What you will need to get is whatever you use to water your plants with, watering can, etc. This will be a 1 to 1 ratio of 3% hydrogen peroxide to water. When watering the plants, make sure this mixture doesn’t touch the leaves on the plant cause it will burn it. It will kill any bacteria that are killing the roots in the soil.


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