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How To Clean With Borax


Borax is such an amazing product to have in your bathroom cabinet. You can use it to do so many things in your house.


It’s an all-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean anything.


Cleaning Shower Grout Joints


If you are not careful with your bathroom shower, it will start to develop mold in each of the corners.


I have had this happen to me, and it was so hard to clean because when mold gets into those grout joints, it’s really hard to come out because the grout used in the shower is sanded grout.


If you have an empty spray bottle at home, fill it and add 1/4 cup of borax and spray each area that’s affected by the mold.


Leave it for an hour and go do something else; by the time you go back, the mold will come off without you putting in too much effort.

Killing Ants And Insects In Your House




I have seen some little ants already in my house, and I hate using those toxic bug spray that has you chocking after you use it.


This isn’t good for your health in no way, and if you’re like me, you will want to find a better way to get rid of them.


I mix sugar with the borax and place it on a plastic wrap and place it where I see the ants. A few days later, I no longer see the ants coming in.


The pheromones that the dead ants give off makes the others don’t want to go near the area.



Home Made Air Freshener


If you’re looking to just deodorizing something in your house just to have it fresh again, then making an air freshener with borax will work for you.


Your dog may grab your couch cushion just for a few seconds; his mouth odor will still be on it. The cushion you have may not be able to be washed because of the material, so you would need something to deodorize it and clean it as well. Mix borax and water in a spray bottle to quickly get ride of the odor.



Clean Pet Beds


Dogs and cats play outside and will bring in all different types of things on their body and go straight to their bed and lay down.



You won’t be able to wash the bed even single day, so what you need to do is sprinkle borax on the bed and brush it off. This will kill any insect that may come in on them.



Clean Hairbrushes


Not all of us have soft, moist hair; some of us use really greasy hair products.


Maybe not even greasy hair products but maybe use too much in one use. We all had this happen to us, and we put too much hair product in our hair.


If your hair is too long, that can be a disaster for your clothes and hairbrushes. You can pour one gallon of warm water in a container and add 1 cup of borax.


Place the brushes in and let them sit, cleaning the brushes and removing the grease and hair will be so easy.



Clean Oil Spill



I remember one day my cousin and I were cooking, and we put the pot on the stove and didn’t turn the pot handle in-words, so it was slightly hanging off, and my hand hit it.


The entire floor was filled with oil. The worse part of it was cleaning the oil off the floor; I use two rolls of paper towels to wipe it off the floor, then the next hour trying to clean the floor.



I wish I had known this hack, pouring borax on the oil will clean it in one or two goes without leaving any residue to slip on.



Clean Stove


Clean your stove after your done cooking greasy food fast and easy. You can either make a paste with borax and water or just sprinkle the borax on the stove an use a sponge to clean the stove off.



Clean Shower Walls


Mix borax and water together and form a paste and use a sponge and apply it to your shower walls overnight and just wash it off in the morning.


If you do this once every two weeks, you can prevent molds and prevent scrubbing the walls each week when you go to clean the shower.

Cleaning Your Toilet





Do you want to know the easiest way to clean your toilet without you doing anything, really? You can either pour it in the tank or the toilet.


Leaving borax overnight in your toilet while everyone is sleeping is the best way to clean it. In the morning, all you need to do is use the toilet brush and give it a little scrub, and the toilet will look white and clean again.



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