Fels Naptha is an amazing cleaning product. Probably the best I know for removing grease and stains. This product has been around way before I was born, and it does what it said it does amazingly.


It’s cheap, and you can find it at any supermarket, I paid 2.00$ for one bar, and one bar can last you a long time. This bar of soap doesn’t rub down that easily, so you can use it to clean whatever you want to clean.

Grease Stain Remover


There have been so many times I had to get rid of clothes became I got food stains on them that seem impossible to remove.


Even some expensive clothes I had to get rid of, little did I know felt Naptha is amazing for removing any stains.


Wet the area that has the grease mark and work the soap into it and give it a scrub then place it in the washing machine afterward. Back in the days, they didn’t have all these different types of cleaning agents, what they had was fels naphtha, and it worked amazingly.


It also gave the clothes a nice fresh and clean smell that I don’t get from a lot of cleaning agents out there.


Wash Baby Clothes 


So babies, there the master of getting themself messy when there eating. They could be wearing a bib, and they still would mess there self up. Some washing machine has this feature to give the clothes a pre-wash.


What you can do is use the fels naphtha and give the clothes a nice rub down and work the soap into the stains. You can leave it in some water for 30 minutes, then give the stained area a proper scrub and place it in the machine, and the machine will do the rest.


Remove Under Arm Stains


I think everyone has had this problem, the area under your arm will leave a mark on your clothes, it could be sweat or the deodorant you use. To get it out, all you need to do is wet the area that has the stain, rub the soap on it, and sprinkle some borax on it. Let it sit for 10 minutes to half-hour and give it a scrub till the stain is out.


Clean Your Shoes


Another amazing cleaning hack with this soap is cleaning your shoes. It will remove any marks on it and have it looking brand new again. Use the soap like you were using regular soap to clean your shoes, the difference with this one its that it’s really effective. 


Stop Poison Ivy And Bug Bites


If you ever had a bug bite or poison ivy on your skin and you have fels naptha at home, you can use the soap and wash the surfaces off. The soap will draw the poison out and stop it from spreading. Also, the poison ivy oil will come off your skin when you wash it with this soap.


Wash Dish Cloths


Your dish clothes in the kitchen will get dirty at some point, full of food marks and grease. What I do to clean them is leaving them in water to soak for a few hours. I made sure to give them a proper rub down with the soap first and leave them in the water.


When you place them in the machine, they will come out feeling and smelling different, much better than if you had to use regular soap on them.

Wash Your Rugs


To get my bathroom rugs and the rugs at the doors looking really clean and new again, all I do is rub some of the fels naptha on them and place it in the machine. If the rugs are too big, you can just rub a good amount of soap on one spot of the rug and place it in the machine.


Clean Stains Out Of Grout Joints


Overtime the gout joints in your shower will start to change color; if you hate using the raw bleach like me, then you will love fels naptha.


This method will take a little elbow grease, but I rather do that than keep looking at discolored tiles and grout joints. What I did was get a container with some water, a bar of fels naphtha soap, and a brush.


I wet the brush in the water then rub it against the soap enough to get a good amount of soap on it, then I use the brush and scrub the grout joints. You won’t have to do this often because the joints will stay clean for a good amount of time.


If I see a really dark mark on the grout joint, I use the bar itself to scrub it and leave it for a few minutes and go back and scrub it, you should wet the area first though. You can do this to the tiles the same way if you see a few of them changing color.

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