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Amazing Ways To Use WD-40

WD 40 can be used to do so many things to make whatever we do in the house or out so much easier.


People think of WD 40 to loosen screws and stop the squeaky doors. In this article, I will show you the best tips and ways I use WD 40 to make things so much easier.



Cleaning Dry Erase Board 


If you have a dry erase board at home and someone uses a permanent marker on it, don’t worry. Spray some Wd 40 on the area’s that’s covered with the marker.


Use a microfiber cloth and wipe the marks away. You may need to put a little pressure on the area to effectively remove the marks. If the cloth didn’t work, use a sponge.





If your camping or trying to start a fire at home, WD 40 will come in handy. All you will need is one or three cotton balls. Spray the WD 40 on the cotton balls until they a fully soaked, place them on whatever you’re trying to set on fire.



They can burn up to 5 minutes, so this method is useful when your camping and need a fire started. All you need to carry is the WD 40 because first aid kits have cotton balls inside. A bonus is that it can burn in wet areas as well. Click on the link to see the video I made below.





Insect Repellent


Insects will find every way to come into your house. It can be under the window or through the door corners.


The smallest areas you can think of they will come through there. Wherever you see them coming through or from spray some wd 40 there, and it will keep them away.



Cleaning Stainless Steel


Using WD 40 is a great method to remove watermarks and clean stainless steel. Whether, it’s your pots, pans, or kitchen faucets. Spray the WD 40 on the area and wipe it with a sponge or microfiber cloth.


Removing Tapes


When you have a new window installed or appliances, they will have manufacture stickers on them in someplace that you don’t like.


Trying to remove them will leave glue residue all over, trying to scrape it off will be the worst decision you make because when you do get it off, you will see all the scratches you just made. Spray WD 40 on the stickers and leave it for a minute or two, and it will come off easily.



Make your shoes water-resistant 


If it’s a rainy day and you don’t have a waterproof shoe, or you just want to wear that one special shoe, here’s a nice little trick.


Spray WD 40 on the shoe, and you will be able to use it even if its raining for the day. This isn’t a permanent method, but it’s a quick fix.


Cleaning your shoes 


White sneakers we love them, but grass and bumping into stuff are there worse enemies. They will start to look dirty all the time, even if you try to clean them.


The trick is using WD 40 whenever you can on them. This will remove the marks and save you from buying a new pair when those could last a few more months.


Cleaning bathroom tub spout


Hard water in areas leaves deposits in the moving parts of the plumbing over time, which we cant prevent and have to call a plumber.


The tub spout diverter will eventually be clogged one day. Use WD 40 with its spray nozzle curved up the spout to the diverter valve as close a possible.


A couple of sprays will do the job and stop the spout from draining water, which can make your water bill unbelievably and have you wonder what could be the problem and little did you know maybe a few spouts in your home is leaking.



Cleaning chrome 


If your car has a lot of chrome on it, you want it to look shiny all the time. Spray some WD 40 on the chrome and give it a few wipes, and it will look brand new again.



Removing hard water stains 



Spray some WD 40 in the toilet bowl and leave it for a while, then go back and scrub it with the toilet brush. Use the nozzle on the WD 40 bottle to reach areas that are hard to clean with the brush. The WD 40 will break down anything that there.



Polish Glass 



You might be looking at your car headlights and saying that you may have to buy new ones because they look so old, but it can be that they want a wipe down with WD 40 to remove the fog and yellow color that developed on them. Do this twice for the month to keep them looking brand new.

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