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Amazing Ways To Use Dryer Sheets

These are some of the best ways you can use a dryer sheet other than in your dryer.


The material that the dryer sheet is made of is great for cleaning and holding the scent of anything you put on it. You can use essential oils, rubbing alcohol, and lots more.



Spray Essential Oil


Make your sofa smell spectacular, spray some essential oil on a dryer sheet, and place it between the padding or under them.


Each time you move around, the essential oil will be activated, and the sweet aroma of the dryer sheet and essential oil will start to smell.



Shine Down Your Furniture 



If you don’t have a microfiber cloth, and out of paper towels, the next best thing to use is a dryer sheet.


It picks up dust fast and easily and you can use it till you get the chance to get paper towels or a microfiber cloth.



Clean Your Baseboard 



Most of us overlook our baseboards when we are cleaning, and that’s not good.


You can reuse old dryer sheets from the laundry to clean your baseboards.


You can either fold it neatly and wipe the baseboards down or place your fingers inside and wipe it down.


To clean the top of it, all you need to do is place one finger in the dryer sheet and run your finger across it. It will gather the majority of the dust just in one wipe.



Remove Bugs From Car Grill


Those dead bugs are hard to remove and will need something with a hard texture to get them off.


You have to be careful when doing this because it can scratch your car if you use the wrong thing to clean it.


Spray some rubbing alcohol on the dryer sheet and rub the bugs off.


The dryer sheet is soft enough but, hard enough to remove them without scratching the car.




Clean Burnt Pot


After cooking that lovely dinner or breakfast, you may have a burnt pot or two.


The traditional sponge that we have in our house will have no effects on that pot if you want to clean it immediately.


You would have to leave the pot in water for an hour or more. Get a new dryer sheet and fold it in whatever way you like and clean the pot without doing too much work.



Smelly Shoes




If one day you come home from work and you take off your shoes, and someones say to put those shoes outside because it smells awful.


You can use a dryer sheet to fix that, place a new dryer sheet in bought shoes, and it will keep down the odor coming from the shoes.



Removing Deodorant Marks From Clothes 


I have made the mistake a few times and putting on the deodorant before I put my shirt on.


When you look in the mirror, you only come to see four or more white lines that are hard to remove.


Use a dryer sheet to rub the marks out without wetting the shirt or anything. This hack can save you in a lot of ways.



In Your Car




A quick and easy way to make your car smell amazing is putting a dryer sheet under the car seat or in the glove box.


When the car is closed, and you go in it, it will smell spectacular each time.


Make sure not to place it too close to somewhere that may produce too much heat.


I know that dryer sheets were made to go in the dryer, but for safety reasons, I keep it away from the heat in my car during the winter.


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